Shameless Instagram Plug

Even though you there’s already a link on the Info page of my website, I’d like to make a small blog post advertising my account on Instagram.  Due to the relatively easy process of uploading content mixed with not having to write much, my Instagram account contains more posts about school and personal projects that I’m working on in addition to neat pictures from my travels.  I’ll place the link below in case you’d like to check it out.

Colin’s Instagram

Welcome to the new site!

After a couple months of work, and procrastination, I am proud to write the first post on my newly developed webpage!  This website was made to showcase myself and the projects I have been working on.  Earlier this year I realized I wasn’t happy with how my page looked.  WordPress is a powerful CMS and is great for active bloggers, but I do not identify myself as one.  That’s why I moved my WordPress blog into a subdomain and built a custom landing page and contact page using bootstrap and a little Three.js.

In the next week or two expect to see some new posts showing the projects I have been working on while my website was in the process of being rebuilt.  In the near future expect to see other cool things that I have the desire to work on.  This semester has been the busiest one so far in my undergraduate journey. Between building a MIPS processor for one class, learning all the ins and outs of Linux in another, diving into the logic and discrete math of computing, and going through the “fun” of matrices and linear algebra, it’s been a hectic past couple of months.  Regardless, I promise I will make my best effort to keep this blog fresh with new content, exciting projects, and some updates in my journey through the exciting field of computer engineering.

Thanks for stopping by,